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Gaia Wood Tree Pendant (1 inch)

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This stunning amalgamation of tree resin, bark, and wood forms over recently harvested or fallen trees.  The blending of these elements forms gorgeous patterns making each piece truly unique. This Gaia Wood, also known as “living stump” wood, was harvested from the stumps of Douglas-fir trees in Western Montana.  We coined the term “Gaia Wood” because of the patterns in the wood that resemble the mountains, oceans, and sky that the Greek deity is believed to have created.  Additionally, these living stumps are born from an interconnected underground world that mostly remains unseen.  A mysterious world where roots of numerous different trees (perhaps even different tree species) graft together to form a community.  Through this network trees communicate, share resources, and likely increase the resiliency of the forest. A case where “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.   It works like this… a tree is cut or blown down in the forest, adjacent trees that have grafted onto the roots of those from the felled stump keep that stump alive by healing over the wound.  It is believed that the protective layer reduces the opportunities for disease to enter into the connected root systems.  Tree Ring Co. only removes small sections of living stump wood with the intent to preserve the protective function of the stump’s shielding layer.

Metal type: sterling silver

Wood type: Gaia Wood

Dimensions: 15.5 x 18.0 mm dia. Wall height: 1.3mm

Comes with 22" sterling silver chain and wood presentation box

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