Tree Ring Stories

Tree Vignettes (#2)
I was looking for small trees to craft into timepieces.  Near the bottom of a steep slope I came across a giant hollow log.  Over the many years I have spent roaming forests I have seen very few legacy logs...
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Tree Ring Pen Gifted to Aung San Su Kyi
State Counsellor receives WWF-US Board Member and Country Director of WWF (Myanmar News Agency)   World Wildlife Fund Myanmar selected a Tree Ring Pen as a gift for Aung San Su Kyi because it is a good example of how...
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Tree Vignettes (#01)
Douglas-fir buds burst with a new flush of growth. Under the bark, the 2016 growth ring forms on top of the ones from 2015, 2014, etc... From Siberia to Central Park, billions of trees do the same. The simplicity and...
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