Tree Ring Pens Co. manufactures the Tree Ring Pen and other tree ring chronology products. U.S. Patent #7,467,904 was awarded on Dec 23, 2008 for the novel tree ring chronology writing instrument. Trees grow outward from the center, each year adding a new ring of wood onto the prior year’s growth. The wood used in Tree Ring Pens is harvested from restoration projects designed to restore old-growth forests. The annual growth rings in the pen show events that shaped individual trees, forests, and western North America. Each pen has all the qualities that one seeks in a fine writing instrument- beauty, practicality, durability, and most important meaning. Nature’s story is shown in every marking. Each year of special significance inscribed on the pen (e.g. birth, wedding anniversary) corresponds exactly to the year the wood formed in the tree that became the pen.

Approximately 5% of the retail prices of each pen will be donated to groups working to restore North America’s old growth forests.

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