What kind of trees are pens and watches made from?
Both pens and watches are made from Douglas-fir trees.
How can such a small tree be 50 or more years old?
The trees we use have been stuck in the understory of the forest and thus don't receive much sunlight.  Additionally, the sites are dry and often nutrient limited.  
What is the oldest tree that you have found that can fit into a watch?
Beleive it or not, we have some that are approximately 140 years old.  
What is the significance of the year(s) marked on the pen and watch?
On each pen, the origin year of the tree, i.e., the year that the tree was a tiny seedling or sapling, and the year that the tree was harvested are inscribed on the pen.
On each watch, the origin year of the tree is marked.
Where is the wood harvested from?
Trees are harvested primarily from State of Montana forestland in the Bitterroot Mountains.
What kind of refills do the pens take and where can they be purchased?
All refills can be purchased from this website under Accessories (http://www.treeringpens.com/accessories/refill-cartridges.html). Also most office supply stores carry the standard size refills used in Tree Ring pens.
Rollerball pens use 888 Int'l Standard Rollerball Refill, which is the most common rollerball refill shape in the world.
Ballpoint pens use Parker style refill, which is the most common ballpoint refill.
Fountain pens can use either the international size short or long refill cartridge.
Where can I get my pen or watch fixed?
Please send to: Tree Ring, PO Box 7643, Missoula, MT 59807.
How long will the battery last and what type of battery does my watch take?
Battery life is approximately 40 months. Batteries can be replaced at many department stores and jewelers or by sending to Tree Ring, PO Box 7643, Missoula, MT 59807.
Are watches available with custom origin years?
Yes, we can typically find a tree that goes back to whatever year that is desired.  If not in stock, it can sometimes take a few weeks.  However, please inquire and we will get back to you with a timeline.